Tiny Megaphone Pep Squad Marketing Community for Small Businesses

Tiny Megaphone Pep Squad

Want to grow your business, but can't set aside the time? Wish you could hire a full-time consultant or specialist, but don't have the budget? Having trouble finding help and resources that come in your size?

Grab your pom-poms.


Welcome from Pep Squad's head cheerleader

Marketing is an area of fear, confusion or irritation for a lot of folks. It can feel icky, invasive, alien or even vulnerable to put your work out there and hope someone else in the universe likes it — and even more vulnerable when things don't go according to plan. (Anyone else only have 3 likes on their last Instagram post? Ouch!)

But when you shop around for help from freelancers or agencies, their price points just are too sky-high for you to even wrap your head around. You've got a little free time to work on your marketing, but have no idea where to start. Sound like you?

You are NOT alone. Almost every small business I work with feels this way. That's how Pep Squad was born: I wanted to offer real, useful marketing resources for your size and budget in a context that would be useful for you. Your Pep Squad is here to help you untangle the process of marketing your business into a straight, clear line of action steps you can take toward your goals.

Hope to meet you soon,


  • $75/mo
  • 2 hours/mo for calls

What you get

  • Community chat and virtual office hours for asking questions and getting feedback
  • Monthly group marketing workshop calls
  • Monthly 1:1 calls with Coach Jo

Ready to take your marketing seriously?

Marketing cold sweats begone! Let's work together as a team to move your business forward.