Amplify your film's impact.

Tiny Megaphone produces outreach, social impact, and engagement campaigns for justice-driven films, working with filmmakers who want their films to make a difference. We specialize in partnership development, social impact strategy, social impact evaluation, audience engagement strategy, and fundraising support. 

Let's get the word out.

Our grassroots distribution strategy relies on situating your film within the movement of social change that already exists around the issues in your movie. The crux of what we do is identify and cultivate key strategic partnerships that lead to transformational moments and dialogues, ultimately building audience and bolstering distribution efforts. 

Services - Nuts & Bolts. 

  • Work with filmmakers to define campaign goals, target audience, and engagement strategy

  • Develop a plan that identifies potential partners, target audiences, and a timeline of activities 

  • Outreach to potential partners, cultivate strategic partnerships, and coordinate engagement activities 
  • Build your database of followers and write engaging email campaigns to keep them in the loop
  • Develop a social media strategy that includes audience engagement events
  • Assist with grant writing, social impact evaluation, and reporting