How partners can help your crowdfunding campaign.

Let's start by stating the obvious: crowdfunding can be a headache. It's nerve wracking, and it's a lot of work. But we also know that crowdfunding is helpful not only for raising money, but as a powerful audience engagement tool. I am going to elaborate on how strategic community partnerships can benefit both purposes. 

One part of the pre-campaign planning that can cause you trouble is coming up with interesting campaign perks. How do you make your perks compelling, unique to your project, but not too burdensome financially or logistically to fulfill? In preparation for the Seed & Spark campaign for The F Word: A Foster-to-Adopt story, we asked partners if they would have anything they could contribute to the campaign as a perk, and several of them said yes. We offered tickets to an LGBTQ vacation, duffle bags for foster youth, and VIP invites to a gala for fost-adopt parents. Not only are these perks easy to fulfill, but they are interesting and unique to our project. Check, check, and check! 

Another benefit we garnered from these perk partnerships was campaign visibility. Non-profits are often unable or unwilling to promote someone else's fundraising. However, we found that if we partnered with an organization on a perk, they were more willing to promote the campaign to their constituents on social media, in their blogs, and in their newsletters. This means more eyes on your campaign, more potential donors, and more awareness about your project! 

You may find out that the perks you partner on will be the most popular of your campaign. For a social-issue documentary, people donate because they care about the cause. So, why not give them a way to engage with the cause directly, while also supporting your film? Our most popular perk on The F Word campaign was a $50 perk that we split with our partners at Together We Rise. $25 for us, $25 for their sweet case program that provides duffle bags to foster youth. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this perk performed -- even better than our $25 perk, which is typically the most popular perk level no matter what you're fundraising for. 

Ultimately, engaging partners in fundraising can help you come up with creative perks that are easy to fulfill, popular with your audience, help you on outreach, and even take some direct action on the issues in your film. Contact me for a consultation on researching and finding partners for your next crowdfunding campaign!