It all started when...

Natalie Teter, founder, attended a screening of the documentary Precious Knowledge about the attempted outlawing of Mexican American studies in Tucson, Arizona. As a current student in the college of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State, she was politicized by the film during a heated moment in the fight for culturally relevant education. She went on to film a documentary in East Oakland about a groundbreaking Ethnic Studies program inside Castlemont High School. 

She realized...

Humans are wired for stories. Stories connect us more deeply to ourselves, and each other. Stories break down the silos that keep us from mutual liberation. Stories build solidarity. Stories are politicizing, expanding, engaging, and help us feel less alone. Stories are change agents.

And became obsessed with... 

Using film to create a more just and equitable society through partnering with filmmakers and innovative storytellers who want to make a difference through using storytelling for social change. 

Meet Natalie Teter: 

One-part visionary, one-part pragmatist. A producer and impact strategist. A creative partner that provides strategy and vision to your impact campaign, coordinates outreach and engagement activities, and develops community partnerships for your film. She aspires to be as irrepressible as these plants: 

natalie .jpg

Inspiration drawn from the articles Beyond Empathy by Sonya Childress and Documentaries Don't Change the World by Ani Mercedes.