Handing the megaphone to you

I believe that every great problem is fundamentally a marketing problem. Mass media and persuasion have the power to affect true change, whether it takes the form of community organizing, a web ad, an article, a parade or even your Facebook page.

If marketing is a megaphone, I'm handing it to the underdog to hear what they have to say. Tiny Megaphone is here to tip the scales in the little guy's favor, using bold writing, tactical strategy and a few not-so-dirty tricks to stack the game.

Because in movies, we don't root for the villains. We root for unlikely heroes who overcome impossible odds to accomplish a great mission.

You are that hero. And I'm here to help you win.

I'm here to rig the system with marketing so the underdogs win.

About Joanna Rutter

Above all things, I am Team Whatever-You're-About. Seriously! I'm along for the ride and I want to watch you succeed.

What makes me most excited about working on your marketing is that I've had what I like to think of as a "sampler platter" career. I've written long-form articles for top tech companies like Zapier and Webflow, but I've also written skincare advice for backpack companies. See my bylines here.

I've made websites, built welcome email sequences, run Google Ads, scheduled social media campaigns, hosted webinars, spoken at trade shows, written product copy, and occasionally even taken naps in between. I haven't even mentioned yet that I was a camp counselor, but I figure you can kinda tell.

I'm proud of my journey so far. Now I want my work with you to be the next cool thing I brag about on that list!

Relevant factoids: She/her, Sagittarius sun/Cancer moon/Gemini rising, ENFJ, 3w4

Enough about me. I want to learn about your goals!

Marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming, expensive or a waste of time. I'm ready to chat whenever you are!